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In last post, I identified the most noticeable differences between a DOM parser and SAX parser.

In this tutorial, I am discussing concepts and examples related to read xml file with DOM parser in java.

In this sense, it has similar aims and scope as XPath does for XML.

The two main places where you use GPath expressions is when dealing with nested POJOs or when dealing with XML Next step is to get the some values from a given node’s attribute.

If the processing you are doing is state-independent (meaning that it does not depend on the elements that have come before), then SAX works fine.

On the other hand, for state-dependent processing, where the program needs to do one thing with the data under element A but something different with the data under element B, then a pull parser such as the Streaming API for XML (St AX) would be a better choice.

Document Builder Instance()Document Builder() def input Stream = new Byte Array Input Stream(songs.bytes) def document = builder.parse(input Stream) def output = new String Writer() def converter = new Dom To Groovy(new Print Writer(output)) (1) converter.print(document) (2) String xml Recovered = new Groovy Shell() .evaluate(""" def writer = new String Writer() def builder = new

Markup Builder(writer) builder.$ return String() """) (3) assert new Xml Slurper().parse Text(xml Recovered)title.text() == 'Here I go' (4) is that when former creates the nodes they won’t be available until the document’s been evaluated again, so you should parse the transformed document again in order to be able to see the new nodes.

the java DOM parser API for XML is intended for working with XML as an object graph (a tree like structure) in memory – so called ““.In first, the parser traverses the input XML file and creates DOM objects corresponding to the nodes in XML file.These DOM objects are linked together in a tree like structure.The HTML's original objective of letting the document author to focus on the contents of the document and leave the actual appearance of the document to the browser, has gone out of control.Many HTML documents have more markup tags than the contents.

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